Alright kiddies, here is what has happened since I put the car in hibernation last year. Screw the rollbar and anything else, I needed to see the car with the 4-door stuff completely gone. So out came the sawzall and then out came the 4-door remains. Then I threw the doors on it and and broke out the sharpie to freshen up the "lettering" so to speak.

 This car has been inspired by Shirl Greer's "Tension" Coronet since day 1. Now that Shirl has passed on, I figured it'd be a good time to do a little something more for him.This lettering was drawn on the door last year, but it needed to be freshened up.

 I got a little more done recently. Ya; very little.  I trimmed-down 1 of the old 4-door b-pillars and fitted/positioned it to about where it should be for the 2-door status. Still not real sure that it's right, so it's just tacked in real light. Everything is eyeballed. Obviously the convertible/hardtop doorjambs are a little different than the sedan jambs at the top edge and therefore will have to be reconfigured a little.  Anybody have any input?  

 Did a little more welding and got the passenger side doorjamb darn close to done, and finally.......     SOME PRIMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

    I got started on fixing up the pillar on the driver's side.   Starting to look like something now; or atleast so I'm told.


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