It's the Don Long built chassis that was under the "Sensation" '64 Plymouth; which was originally the '64 Melrose Missile Hemi powered lightweight.  

 This is how Reed Koeppe found the car a few years back:

 Here is what it looked like when Don Long rebuilt it as a funnycar:

     Here is what the car originally looked like:

      Obviously, the original Melrose Missile body was sliced off the chassis. It is currently undergoing a restoration to it's former/original Melrose Missile glory.

     Plan is to find a way to slide this chassis under my Dodge shell without making any alterations/modifications to the chassis. Whatever has to be done will be done to the Dodge shell.Below is pictures of the chassis as it sits at my place, next to my '63 Polara:

      Here is the chassis after I removed the aluminum and gave it another good coating with WD-40:

 Aparrantly, I subconsciously have a thing for ol' MoPar stuff with mismatched tires on steelies. I'm gonna have to work on that.    This chassis is a radius-rod and leaf spring frontend with the driver location stuffed way back, so it's along the lines of my original plan to closely resemble Shirl Greer's Dodge. Big difference is the 2X3 framerails as opposed to the stock unibody framerailsthat were under Greer's car, but hey....    this chassis was my first opportunity to score something with a documented history from a real Hemi car, so I had to do it.

Making way for the chassis from "Sensation":



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