Models by friends and other builds that I like:

Scott's "Mercchero" custom

  This build won the custom class at MASSCAR 2009, and placed 2nd in the "what ever happened to?"  April contest in the CAMS club. It's a combination of the best parts of both the AMT and Revell '49 Merc kits, and an AMT '62 Falcon kit for the "bed" area. This is just one of Scott's many fun and cool builds.   Scott is one of the seemingly few guys that just plain build whatever strikes them as cool and HAS FUN with them all. Every one of Scott's builds conveys his fun-loving and refreshing attitude towards modeling.

George's 348 Chevy powered Deuce

 This one will obviously be a cross-rammed (or dual 4bbl?) 348-powered early 60's Deuce 3window.   George is part of an invitation-only yahoogroup (among myself and others) that is 100% dedicated to fictional and replica models of rods and customs of the 40s thru the late 60's and NOTHING ELSE. 

 George's '53 Chev delivery gasser / streetfreak project.   Speaks for itself.

George's DeSoto Hemi powered '34 Ford 5window

 This one speaks for itself.  Heavy east-coast 60's influence here with the Hemi, and deep channel with the stock roof and whitewalls.    Get it finished George!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George's '29 roadster pick-up

Don't believe the hype;   early Ford roadster pick-ups are nothing new. They've been around since the '40s.  "ratrods" are a big ol' stinkin' load of heapin' cowpatties that are not even close to bieng accurate representations of early hot-rodding.

Ed's projects

 A chopped AMT '34 Ford 5window kit with Halibrand wheels from a Monogram dirt modified kit.

An AMT '49 Ford kit built by Ed.

This is an ancient AMT '62 (?) Ford Thunderbird kit that Ed is in the process of giving his treatment to. Ed is also part of the rod and custom yahoogroup.

Leonard's Vega modern Pro-Stock in 1/16 scale

   This one is a scratchbuilt tune-frame, and the body is a Revell funnycar body which has been heavily reworked back to (pro) stock proportions.      Trust me boys and girls, this is a TON of work.   See Leonard's pro-street Thunderbird in the "friend's rides" page.

Neat Deuce sedan

 This is a neat ARDUN powered Deuce sedan that I took pics of at NNL East 2007 (primer table).   I haven't seen it since, but there was a ton of nice work into it that combined elements of the original "Orange Crate" body (Revell kit) , as well as various other '32 kits and aftermarket parts.

Ted Pappacena's early Mack Truck:

 Ted's early Mack is based on an old Monogram kit with unbelievably well done weathering on the truck and the assorted "stuff" in the bed.

Models built by friends that have passed away:

  John is in the background below, behind Scott's Chrysler custom:

   John was a dear friend to all of the CAMS club, as well as a dear friend and spirited rider among his motorcycle friends.  John burned up the roads on his ol' Honda, and showed many riders how it is done; even those who were riding bigger/newer bikes. John knew his way around dirt and asphalt modifieds like nobody else has ever seen, especially due to the times he spent crewing for various cars at Stafford and Waterford speedways and building customer's track engines at Valley Auto Machine. John gained a wealth of knowledge from time spent with his father (John Sr.) and others at and around the old Danbury dirt track and Lebanon Speedway. John always made friends everywhere he went and shared the stories about his adventures with anybody that would listen. All of us listened, and will miss John deeply while we fondly remember the times we spent with him.

Some models by John Young:

 Stay tuned (if you haven't already zoned-out and drooled all over your keyboard).   There is more freakin' cool models and model projects yet to be added.   These guys will finish 'em, unlike me.   I'll just keep spraying primer; if I get that far with 'em.

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