Here is a bunch of good stuff on the web

More pics of stuff that I have sitting around, waiting to be worked on:

A bunch of good guys with insane little R/C crawlers below, I run with them when our schedules agree:

The 62-65 Mopar page; more great stuff there than should be allowed on 1 website:

Forgotten and rotting Mopars:

Ted's Drag Racing Imagery website; stop by and say hello to Ted. Maybe buy a picture while you're at it:

The god of b-movies and slapstick:

My favorite drag racing model car parts place (tell Chuck that I sent ya):

Fran's Fox Engineering Hemi and fuel injection workshop:

Say hello to my brother, Johnny Fingers:

Great list to be in if you're into vintage funnycars:

Probably the best place to have been for a Mopar fan in the 60's, and it's coming back around now:

Lotsa neat little buggars here:

A great model replica of a great custom:

Use this stuff on magnesium wheels; best stuff there is for 'em:

Gary's AWB Belvedere, a really neat street/strip ride:



Where all this Primer King stuff got started:

      Scott D:   Fine Scale Hobbies is no longer, but your passion for all things cars will live on with the CAMS club; as will you Scott Davidson. Thank you for all the good times with the club that you started/supported and your hospitality and generosity with the club meetings at Fine Scale Hobbies.

  John Young, you also left us too soon.  We talked about you helping me build a model of a dirt mod car...    I wish you were still here to help me.    Now I'll never get it right; but I sure will try!

CAMS meetings will always be good times, but alas; we'll always miss and hold a place for our fallen members.         Dick Towers is no longer with us, but thankfully there is countless old Mopar and other make old race cars that are still with us due to the tireless efforts of the late Dick Towers:

Chrysler stuff done by Muscle Car Restorations:

Dave's restoration of the old C.C. Rider CC/G Willys

AHRA drag racing rulebook from 1966; a VERY good reference place:

Stop by and say hello to Wolfie. Cool guy that knows how to have fun with cars and car stuff:

Reed's Performance.  Very cool guy who is an absolute textbook on Mopar racecars (particularly Melrose Missile stuff):

The Coronet Registry; all things Dodge Coronet:

Dover Dragstrip forum:

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