Here is stuff that my friends drive and/or are working on:

Dean's Belvedere AWB sedan

      Dean's Belvedere.  It's a recreation of Tom McCroan's "The Funny Car". The McCroan car was originally a 64 Plymouth Hemi Lightweight S/S car. It was later updated with a fiberglass '65 FX nose with the standard wheelbase, and then it was turned into an AWB ride.   The car is long gone, but the fiberglass panels survived all this time, with the paint and lettering that was on the last version of the car. Dean already had a '65 sedan that he did the altered-wheelbase surgery on when he located and bought the fiberglass from Tom McCroan's old car.   This car has a proper '65 A990 Hemi in it, with an original "factory" belt-drive pump Hilborn injection system and a set of real magnesium American wheels.

Lynn's Nova AWB

Will be powered by a crossram equipped BBC.

Mark's Lil' Red Wagon

 Here is a few choice pics of Mark's infamous "plow jeep". When the plow controls stop working, ya wire in a few thumb switches from the first 2 old livingroom lamps that you come across.  One for up/down, one for right/left. When the frame rots to pieces, ya just don't look at it and pretend you don't even know about it. When the gastank and fuel lines rot so bad that they leak gas and the engine won't run, ya strap a gallon plastic gascan under the hood and run a hose from it to the fuelpump. When the waterpump dies, ya plow like a madman to finish the driveway before the engine overheats too bad. To quote Mark;   "there is some things that primer just can't fix".

Mark also has a '64 Chevelle 4door that regularly shreds the tires into piles of chuncks thanks to a wicked little 350 with a 4speed. His daily driver is a slant-six powered '64 Dart 4door that still runs like a top, in original paint/condition. Mark found and restored Lil' Red himself. Still powered by a 340. It's been to the strip numerous times, but I can't remember what it runs!   Forgive me Mark....      pass another Molson.

Fran's Barracuda altered wheelbase "funnycar"




Fran's Barracuda is a replica of the Fred Cain's Hurri-Cain 2 Barracuda.   The front wheels on Fran's car actually came from the real car, but the rest of it is long gone. They are all that that Fred Cain still had from the car. Fran's clone is darn near done. Just needs some details finished up and some driveline work to call it done and we'll be seeing it burning up the strips!

Nick's '63 Plymouth S/S Max Wedge

This is a real Max Wedge car. Not an aluminum nose car, but still a real Maxie. Nick also has another '63 Plymouth.  It's a Fury, restored to factory-new appearance, but with a wicked little 318 Poly. It made a dyno-proven 500HP, but was just too wild to cruise with.   Now it makes something closer to 400HP after a cam swap and some detuning to be driveable to the cruises. Nick was partners in a 64 Plymouth Maxie that ran at Dover Dragstrip.  The picture below is of the car before it crashed. Nick and the Boccanfuso guys just cut the roof off and pounded the rest of it out to go match racing after the incedent.

Ken Kull's AWB Plymouth


Yep, that's the same Ken Kull that drove the wheels off the old Hill Brothers' Red Baron Willys gasser (best of 8.65), built his own Red Baron II Willys pickup gasser (best of 8.21) , and runs hard with the  "Blue Mountain Hemi" 392 powered Willys pickup also in the 8s.

John Foust's 'glass '33 Willys

Oddy's built big-block Chevy power, the rest by John (including the paint). John does just about any custom paint and bodywork, in fiberglass and metal. 

Dave's Vega

Real back-halved streetcar with the stock frontend; although it's been braced up a bit to soften the landings from antics like shown above! Powered by a 355 smallblock with a tunnelram, a pair of Holleys, and a TH400.   Runs 10.0s on spray.

Leonard's Thunderbird

 Leonard's TBird is a 460 4bbl powered streeter.   Leonard has built a few pro-street cars, this is his current ride.

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