Here is my model car stuff. This is where the "Primer King" stuff originated.   I always had half-done, primered projects at C.A.M.S. club meetings and model car shows/contests. I won an "in-progress" class at a contest. A friend shouted "the Primer King" and so it stuck.   I still have a terrible inability to finish anything. I have painted a few projects, but I'm still not much good at it and the projects that have been painted still aren't finished....

My "Mr. Norm's" AWB '65 Coronet hardtop:

 It began as an AMT plastic body and a Lindberg '64 Dodge floorpan/chassis.  Every little bit of it has been researched, studied, and duplicated in scale. Since the real car was originally the "Color Me Gone" of Lindamood/Branstner (one of the original 11 "factory" AWB cars), I painted the model white and blue, then laid on the lighter blue after and decaled the car with custom made decals by Jack Smith of Top End Decals.

   The model has a fully scratchbuilt rollbar, front framerails, engine mounts, inner fender panels, reworked firewall, interior headliner, opened doors with tiny replica hinges made from brass, full doorjamb and trunkrail details with corrected inner wheelwells; a brass front axle, brass front and rear leafsprings, fully scratchbuilt steering system from the column (with shifter) all the way out to the steeringbox with pitmann arm, drag link, and tie-rod. Scratchbuilt a correct master cylinder for it too. Every kit that I know of has a dual-cylinder, but the 62-65 Mopars had only a single-pot "fruitjar" master-cylinder. Early Johan kits had that master-cylinder, but it was a crude little lump molded into the firewall. There's never been a 62-65 steering box and/or linkage in scale either! 

   OK, update here:    Screw the old Lindberg based floorpan.  There is too much of it that is just plain wrong.  The Polar Lights floorpan is actually much more accurate to the real cars. So I blew the whole floorpan clean out and reworked it with PL based stuff.  Gonna reuse the brass leaf springs and the 8-3/4 rear, but I'll have to make a new brass front axle to correspond with the new framerails that finally measure right.

Here is my model replica of Shirl Greer's Tension:

 Another AMT plastic body on a modified Lindberg chassis. Converted it to a sedan with a modified Johan '63 Plymouth sedan roof. Decals are from Kevin at Bad Habit, but I think he's out of business? Model still needs more work obviously.

Below is my '49 Merc custom project. Started with a stock AMT body. Just about everything has been done to it, from nose to tail. Chopped, channeled, sectioned, hardtopped, pancaked hood, fadeaway beltline, all corners rounded, extended front fenders with quad headlights (think Jade Idol), stretched and peaked quarters with custom taillights and integrated bumper. Interior is based on parts from the AMT 62 Pontiac custom. Still haven't decided on a color or much else.

Below is an AMT Coronet that I got thru ebay, just as it arrived. Was an abandoned old AWB project, and it was pretty ugly. Looked like the work was originally done with a hot knife. I saved as much as I possibly could of the work that was done and used strictly pre '68 vintage model parts for the rebuild. Even used an original AMT Ramchargers decal sheet. The model is nowhere even near close to being accurate to the real car, but oh well. It was a bunch of fun.

 The above Ramchargers build was lots of fun and prompted me to try building a model that more closely represents the real thing. Below is an early picture..

  It's another AMT body that has been converted. It was a master for one of resin companies that was offering copies of it before going out of business. It was returned to me in fine condition, but got knocked off a shelf while here with me and the nose was damaged. Almost all better now. Anyway, it's sitting on a modified Polar Lights floorpan. The PL bodies are atrocious, but the floorpans are the closest to the real thing in scale yet. The do take some work to get right, but less than the floorpans from AMT and Lindberg

 Another AWB Coronet sedan project; the Kentucky Colonel.

 This car was an original lightwieght S/S car that was delivered with all the fixins to build an AWB; which it was converted to immediately. And then it got hacked, and hacked, and hacked, untill there was close to nothing left of it in 1968. First an A-100 van axke was swapped in front. Then the Hemi was stuffed back to under the dashboard, firewall was completely gutted, windows came out with all the interior, and a lighter tube axle was installed with magnesium spindlemount wheels. Car was put away in 1968 or 1969 and completely untouched untill the past few years when it changed hands a few times and was subsequently "restored". I think it was ruined instead of restored, but let's not go there.         The model is another AMT Coronet body with a reworked Johan '63 roof, all sitting on a Polar Lights floorpan again. Picture of the real car is below the model pic.

Don Edmunds'  #54 Super Modified dirt car (John Young memorial build)

  This build is in memory of my friend John Young who passed away on May 1st 2009. John loved motorcycles (everything except harleys) and any dirt or road-racing cars. The entire CAMS model car club is building models for a John Young memorial night as we did for another fallen modeler and friend; Scott Davidson. This build is an old Monogram kit; it is almost box stock. I added tires/wheels from other kits that duplicate what was on the real car and added the rear frame section with the torsionbar suspension that was omitted from the original kit.   The model was originally released in the 60's.  The real car was on the cover of Hot Rod magazine sometime in 1966 with a feature inside.  

'64 Dodge street machine "Rampage" (Scott Davidson memorial build)

Above is as I got it from Scott's estate. Below is where I went with it.

    Scott loved drag cars, street machines, hotrods, and Corvettes specifically. This is a model that Scott started, probably sometime around 1998 or so. The model been sitting with the bodywork/paint done by Scott and not much else since then. It's a '64 Dodge sedan conversion with the roof from a Johan '63. Stripping the old paint off bothered me, but I had to see how Scott did the conversion. Even the inside seams were finished and nearly undetectable. The roof still had the '63 overhang above the rear window, so I rectified that and left everything else alone. Well, almost everything. I made the wedge scoop a little taller. It's sitting on a Lindberg floorpan with the wedge from Revell's Tony Nancy triple dragster kit. The crossram, carbs, and wild "Stage III" manifolds are from the very first flatbox issue of the Johan '64 Dodge and Plymouth kits.    It still needs finishing; mainly just foiling the trim and getting the grille/bumpers on.

1/16 34 Ford 3-window coupe

Recycled an old builtup here. I un-chopped the roof back to about stock height, opened the doors (the hidden hinges have to go), and dropped it way down over the rails. Sectioned the stock grille to match, but I might replace it with a deuce shell anyway. Fenderless '34s look better with 'em. Maybe I'll even try a "track nose"? Frontend is all Minicraft hotrod parts, the rear is from the old Pyro "T" series of hotrods and wacky custom kits. Tires, regrettably, are from a die-cast. They fit on the Minicraft front wheels fairly well, but I had splice a minicraft wheel center into the Pyro outer wheels to get everything to work out back. I have a fully scratchbuilt ARDUN flattie for it, just need some motivation to get back into this one.

1/16th "Rod Shop" Charger

 Here's another that'll probably never go anywhere. I took 3inches out of the roof of an MPC Dukes Charger body to start a replica of the "Rod Shop" sponsored Charger. Was supposed to run as A/G car with an injected 426 Hemi, but it never caught on. I think it ended up running as a B/A  most of the time anyhow?

  Article says the car was chopped 3inches.  I took 3inches out of the model's roof to match, but it doesn't look like enough, ha?

1/16th 34 Ford sedan

This one started as a 1/16th 34 Phaeton kit from Revell. I whacked apart a coupe roof and stretched/reworked it to make a sedan.  Rear fenders are bobbed, front fenders are thinned and reworked in the area above the tires. Front fenders are stretched by about 1/4inch, hood stretched by about 1/8 to lean the grille back a little.

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