Here is my '65 Dodge Coronet. Made 1 car from pieces of 2.  I brought home the convertible first. A fairly dumb idea at first, but oh well. It was local and cheap.  Didn't really know what I was going to do with it. Had ideas, but the shell was too far gone for any of it. Then I came across the 4door for not much money and I figured out what to do.   Convert the sedan into a 2door altered wheelbase using the 2door sections of the convertible quarters and doors.  Ended up selling the remains of the convertible and a ton of convertible parts from it to get back more than my purchase price! When I started the AWB surgery on the sedan; I decided to just take 20inches out of the tail; inspired by Shirl Greer's "Tension" bobtailed AWB sedan (which I was already building a model of).

  Below is how the project looked in October 2008 when the cover went on for the last time before the snow started. Not much happened in 2009 aside from the straight tube front axle that a friend made for me (Fran at Fox Engineering). Buying the Polara kinda killed the funds that I was gonna use for this project; but I'm not complaining. One can never have enough old MoPars around.

Here is the Coronet that I have based mine on:

 The date across the top is misleading, it's just the issue of the magazine the picture was in.  Car ran this way for a while in 1968. Leading up to that was it's transition from a typical S/S car, to an AWB, then to the shortened version. Car weighed about 1700lbs in it's latest version shown above; it ran well into the 8s at 172Mph in the quarter with a stock bore/stroke 426 Hemi running on straight nitro..


Alright kiddies click here to see recent progress with my '65 Dodge

 Below is my Dad' 34 Willys coupe. All steel car with a glass nose. 2X3 rectangular frame, running a talldeck 427 Chevy on gasoline. Best so far has been 8.85 at 152 MPH. The chop and bodywork was done by John Foust, chassis by Valley Chassisworks. Dad drives and Ken Kull helped with the fuel injection tuning.